Uh, in stark contrast to my last Press Pint… some recent failed fit-ness shed light on my lack of “successful” physical activity of late (a few too many 12-oz curls, har har… but, really.) I’ve always been pretty active and have never been a fan of dieting. But I do let my busy schedule get in the way of “actual” how-you-say “exercise” …and eventually the results become more noticeable (ie too much huff-puff up a hill… a steep one, but still, not like the good ol’ days). Anyway, my point: it IS possible to stay healthy and keep enjoying good beer, you just have to do it to it, and it doesn’t hurt to throw a few veggies in every now and then, right? … sobering? Maybe, but it’s nice to get outside.
Good News, and Bad
By Realbeer.com
When an advertising agency, S. H. Benson, conducted market research during the 1920s to find out what people liked about a well known stout and people responded that they felt good when they drank the stout, the slogan “Guinness is Good for You” was born…

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