This is me, having a pint at my favorite beerspot, Moe's Tavern.

While not new to writing, or to beer, I am relatively new to blogging (and unfamiliar with the concept of “free time”).

I started this blog after realizing I wanted to combine my professional and personal interests in some, semi-productive way. So I started From This Pint On in February 2010… though the idea was in development for well over a year before that.

I’m still figuring out the balance between the time I spend appreciating beer (all my time) and the time I have to express that appreciation in writing (much less).

I will post as frequently as I can, with my main focus being on trips I’ve taken to explore various brewpubs, with other bits thrown in such as write-ups on events or bars I like (“Bonus Pints”), pictures I took (“Pint Pics“), articles I read and liked (“Press Pints“), quotes and sayings (“Talking Pints“), etc… can you tell I like puns? I do, almost as much as I do beer and food.

Beer is fun, and so is sharing it. That’s why I’m doing this. I definitely welcome your recommendations of beers to try, places to go, articles of interest, or events to check out… send me an email!

Drink curiously,